June Blog

River Table

December 4, 2020

The banquette in my kitchen is finally complete. And I love it! I had so much fun picking fabric and designing throw pillows for the cozy corner of our kitchen; but this project would have never been completed without the hard work and determination of my husband. He built the banquette (filled with storage!) to fill the entire space. He then found live edge wood from a sycamore tree that he book-ended and filled with black epoxy to be our 8 foot dining table. And if that wasn't enough, he learned how to weld and designed and made the legs for the table. This table project was completely new for him and he created an absolutely perfect piece for our family. I am so proud of him. Thank you, honey!

Oh, and in case you were wondering about the light; that is a unique find from Old World Antieks in La Grange, TX, our favorite antique shop. The light was created from a 100 year old well bucket from India. Pretty awesome! You cannot see it from this picture, but the bulb is a large round edison bulb that completes the look of this statement pendant light.

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