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November 3, 2020

One of my favorite projects to complete was our master closet, which we completed a little over two years ago. I must first give credit to my amazing and hard working husband who built the entire closet. He even hung the wallpaper for me; an endeavor he said he would never do again. Despite its challenges, though, wallpaper can be a stunning way to decorate; and we are both so happy with the results, as it definitely contributes to the wow factor of this closet. I found this wallpaper online months before completing this project while looking for wallpaper for our half bathroom. The large print would not work for the small bathroom, but when beginning the decorating process for this closet, I immediately thought of this wallpaper, Daydream from Hygge and West.

Aside from the beautifully wallpapered walls, the closet is floor to ceiling shelving and cabinetry painted a crisp white. To access the upper cabinetry, there is a rolling ladder, which slides perfectly on the marble floor that we carried from our master bathroom seamlessly into the closet. For lighting, we installed three recessed lights and two chandeliers. I found the chandeliers at Pottery Barn Kids while shopping for my daughter's new bedroom set. When I saw the whimsy feather chandeliers, I knew they were the perfect finishing touch to this closet. My husband needed some convincing initially, but once installed, he needed no further persuading. This closet was so much fun to decorate and it turned out to be one of my favorite completed projects.

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