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Country Girl?

April 3, 2021

Was my husband serious when he first mentioned moving out to the country? It did not matter because I was staying put. We completely renovated our home. We made it our own and I loved it. “No way. We are not moving. I love this house and I love this neighborhood.” End of story. But it wasn’t.

It all began December 29, 2020. We went to check out some property in Burnet County, Texas with another family we have become remarkably close with. The plan was to buy some land together for a future investment. Ok, I was warming up to the idea.

Fast forward a few weeks. We found two ten-acre plots side by side in a gated ranch community. Need I say, we fell in love. After a lot of deliberating, multiple visits out to the land, and prayer, we put an offer on the land and it was accepted. Both of our families now had 10-acre plots of land side by side out in the country.

I absolutely love this land. It is beautiful; the meadows, the trees. It is on a cul-de-sac. There is a vineyard close by. It is a dream. But I love our house. I love the home we have built. Our daughter turned one here. We have great neighbors in a great neighborhood. Could I say goodbye to our home in Cedar Park? Well, I did not have to worry about that quite yet. Building a house on this land would be years down the road. Except it wasn’t.

It all happened very quickly. As I said, we started looking at land at the end of December and we were under contract by the end of January. We listed our house in the first week of March because the Austin market was on fire. Although the process was moving quite fast, we had been praying throughout this journey. Was this part of God’s plan? Are we supposed to leave this home we have created and filled with memories in this neighborhood we love?

If we were not sure, I think we are now. We got a call from our real estate agent on a Friday evening. Our house had been on the market less than two days. “They want you to take your house off the market” was what our agent told us. What? For how much?? All I can say is what a blessing. We had to believe that this was God’s plan because He was blessing this journey. We were beyond thankful.

At the time of this post, we have closed on the selling of our house in Cedar Park and are now renters (temporarily), and we are the proud owners of 10 acres out on a ranch in the country. We are moving to the country! And I could not be more excited. The Lord has changed my heart. I am ready to say goodbye to the place we have called home for the past 5 years and move on to the next chapter. So, in answer to the question. Yes, I am going to be a country girl.

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